Retreats Offered

Journey through Grief.jpg

Grief Transformational Retreat

A four day retreat from that will take you from your current grief state, give your story a home, find others who will understand in an non judgemental and safe environment allowing one to create the bonds with others that are necessary to process through a stuck grief pattern. This retreat takes into consideration the affects of grief on the body, mind and soul and its schedule of events allowing for periods of free time to process through hard emotions while building and gathering the emotional, mental and physical tools to move forward knowing the trauma and loss has its place, but no longer controls the entire existence of ones life. Attendees will spend their last half of the retreat learning coping techniques, self care, life processing tools to build a new version of life that has hope and options for a fulfilling and successful future. Services such as coaching, licensed counselors, grief yoga instructors, energy healers, neuro feedback practitioners and others will be a part of this retreat, some included and others at an additional cost. We are looking to fundraiser for this retreat to also allow a certain number of attendees a partition to full scholarship for the event as well as possible services and after care. Donations accepted here. Dates to be announced

Getting to Know The Wonderful You

This is a two day event where we will go over your personal traits, personality style, learning style as well as other assessments that will build a portfolio and understanding of who you are. While traits and personalities are subjective we have ingrained belief systems and learned behaviors that either work for us or against us. When we find out how we tick we can be aware of what is working in our favor and utilize it to the fullest as well as knowing our weaknesses allows us the opportunity to recognize their benefits or adjust patterns to turn them into strengths. This event is for those who are looking to substantiate a personal foundation to build goals and realize a sustainable life of fulfillment and happiness. Dates to be announced



Spirit led Synchronicity Day Trip

This one day event will be a day of following spirit as we are guided. We will be prepared with snacks, packed lunch and drinks should we find the perfect spot for a picnick. We may do some easy walking or hiking, and if a dirt back road calls to us we may even do a little baaahaaaing. We keep our eyes for what spirit shows us and experience the synchronicities that are given. Join us to learn how to follow the promptings, signs and pull of where spirit leads us for a magical soul rewarding day.