The Causes of Spiritual Awakening

            What makes a person become spiritually awaken?  With so many views and opinions on religion and spirituality it would be thought that there would also be many reasons for those to experience what is called an awakening.   I experienced an awakening after an emotional divorce and a greater awakening after a series of losses.   What is interesting is that there are two main categories that the cause of a spiritual awakening can be grouped into.  

            Spiritual awakenings typically happen during or shortly after, a sudden singular event or a series of traumatic events.   My divorce would be categorized as singular event.   Other single event experiences could include, having a paranormal experience or having extraterrestrial contact.  On more normal terms however typically, it can occur when losing a loved one, a break up in a relationship or even loosing a job.   This can be conceptualized similarly to the thinking of what causes innovation.  Necessity is the cause of innovation and although this phrase is common it is also true.  When our outer world changes drastically it initiates questions on the concepts and foundations of what one’s life.  There is a need to find order and make sense of the environment we live in. 

                        These events whether they be a single or an accumulation of events resulting in trauma result in a need to find the answers to the questions.  Seeking answers that construct the exterior landscape of our lives as well as the interior.   Seeking the answers is the catalyst within the event or events of trauma that create the awakening experience.   While my divorce was what I call an initial awakening, the death of my son many years later was the beginning of several losses and traumatic events in a short span of time that caused a greater awakening in my life.  The experience of the loss of my son would have been enough to spark a wake-up call, but also losing my aunt and uncle in a car accident as well as my mother within five months of my son’s passing, left a thick book of questions regarding the scope of my life that I am still trying to get answers for. 

            In this aspect the loss and the trauma can have a purpose.  The purpose to prompt an awakening.  Through the upheaval, the scattered promises and dreams that initiate the changes needed for a soul’s revival to their divine aspiration.  Necessary change does not come while being in a comfort zone.  A relationship with a loved one dies with the break up, divorce or loss, but it triggers the need to seek a relationship with self, God, Goddess, Creator, and/or the Divine.  Regardless of what one calls their source these single or accumulative events are the cause of many people who experience an awaking. 

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