I Know.... Transmission

Good Afternoon friends. The other morning while I was in between that awake and sleep state.. and going back and forth… I received most of this next rampage. Remember that when you start having those self doubting thoughts or get stuck in that negative self talk, that we are all divine creations, created with a spark of the divine within.

I know that I am growing the knowing of my own’s self-worth. Underneath all the self-doubt I know that I am a spark of the divine creator. I know that underneath all the anxiety I have the power to create worlds. I know that underneath all the mixed-up thoughts and weight of my thoughts that I have the knowledge and the power to create the world I want. I know that this is the knowing that is growing within me. I know that someday the tables will turn, and my knowing will be stronger than my doubting. I know that with the emotional, mental attention I rely on this knowing that it only gets stronger and stronger. I know that the doubts and the negative self-talk I get sucked into is a story I have been telling myself. I know that in telling myself my powerful story that I can then regain my divine power from within. I know that the me that has doubts is not less than. I know that the process of me having to overcome these things are for my greater good and for the good of those around me. I know that this is only a process of self-realization and nothing more. I know these things have been brought into my life so that I can feel the contrast of it to then realize my own divine power. I can feel that there is more within me than the trauma and loss that I have experienced. I know that there is more within me than the doubts that come to my thoughts and feelings. I know that I was created by the divine creator of which who has placed in me a spark of itself. I too now am a divine creator and I have the power to create new thoughts and new realities. I know I am not bound by what has happened to me. I know that these things were designed for me to overcome so that I may have compassion and empathy for others and that once I gain my divine right to my power, I can then show others. I know that I will have continued intruding thoughts, but I also know that I can reclaim and proclaim the divine spark within. I know that nothing is as detrimental as what some of my thoughts may imply. I know there are always other choices than … this. or that… I know the world is made up of many different aspects and if I can step back, I can see better the many options before me. I know that I only need to love all things unconditionally. I know that every experience sheds more light onto the true nature of my being. I see and experience this .