How to clear emotional issues, get down to how to stay in the now and start living life. 

Often keeping busy is in truth, running from something we are not wanting to deal with or replacing what we really want with a busy feeling so it makes us feel important when we feel a lack of worth so that we get a false sense of worth through being busy.  Sit in the feeling that makes one uncomfortable will allow one to, when asked the proper questions, delve deep into the truth of what we are avoiding, what is feared or being neglected.  When the truth hits a nerve and feels unpleasant we then grab on to something to divert our attention too.  But when we deal with what false believe we are running from or shoving under the rug and frame the truth of where that false believe came from, then we can heal in the truth. 

For instance, I was stressing and dealing with issues of the possibility of major stresses eventually coming into my life.  I had been dealing with feeling overwhelmed due to previous trauma and loss that now anything that created that feeling even slightly automatically made me fear that feeling again.  I knew that with my new business that eventually one day it would take off and I feared the repercussions of what that meant in feeling overwhelmed on being able to handle the work load.  I sat with that feeling and knew instantly where it came from.  I had been overwhelmed in the passed and did not feel I received the help I needed from friends.  Instead receiving more stress from them and expectations that I felt were wrongly expected at that time in my life.  I had to put my foot down and lost friends because I could not accommodate them while I was still in my time of need.  I was still holding grudges for this and the hurt I felt due to it as well.  I felt they thought I was unworthy of having the time and understanding I needed.  I felt afraid of the possible future success that could come into my life and having the same feeling dominate me again.  I dug deeper and saw other instances where I was taking on other expectations during other times in my life.  I figured out that I felt I did not deserve the time I needed to heal.  In contradiction I knew I did deserve this time for myself.. and it felt much better thinking these new realizations.  I do deserve time to rest.  I do deserve to be able to have the time to take care of myself.  I do deserve understanding.  I do deserve success when it comes to me.  And I can set boundaries in place so that it does not become overwhelming.  I am worthy of success.  I am worthy of being loved and cherished just for who I am.  My worth does not come from what I contribute.  It comes from who I am. 

This resonated with my soul and brought me back to a center of myself I had missed for quite some time. 

In book written by Rosenthal, Uncharted Journey, he discusses his own escapism from self and how he came to realize that dealing with the deep issues were much more rewarding once the work was done. 

“Nature signals my alignment or nonalignment with Truth by how I feel.  Since the belief system upon which I have based most of my life until now has brought me much suffering.  I might want to consider the possibility that my thinking is giving rise to my suffering bringing pain because they are false.  Discomfort may be present in order that I may locate, challenge and release toxic beliefs that create fear.”