August 30th, New Black Super Moon and How to Use These Energies For Yourself.

New moons are great for focusing on new projects, getting a jump start on a new campaign, starting a new endeavor, or even renewed efforts towards a project already in place.  However, this New Black Super Moon has specific energies in play.   There is a dance in the timing of when the moon will be at its closest and then be a full New Moon.  They do not happen all at once.  It is as if the moon is in a choreographed waltz that will affect physical and metaphysical changes on earth, for a time and influence the future.  The Black Moon will highly affect those countries experiencing this as the second new moon in the calendar month.   

For this Black Moon, it will not be affecting directly those in America but will be felt significantly for the other side of the world, namely Africa, Europe, and Asia, where they had their first New moon of August,1st, but America’s previous New Moon was July 31st.  Technically these Black Moon energies then are not focused on America.  However, as we all know what happens across the sea eventually does affect us in the long run.  The energy of the Black Moon along with it bringing its Super Moon energies into play it is still good for us to remember and focus on the things we want to affect over on the other side of the world.  Knowing how America has been a headline hog lately, we will need to keep our eyes open to what comes to the surface across the sea, which will shed light and give a deeper understanding to all we have experienced and seen so far. 

The New Black Super moon affecting the world physically with higher and lower tides and even making one river flow backward for a time is symbolic of the energies that are at play.  It is as if the physical churning of the tides shakes up and bring to the surface those things that were under the surface for so long.  The Severn River in the U.K. (as well as a couple of smaller rivers) are known to flow backward due to these times when the moon affects earth gravitational forces.  Metaphysically this creates an opportunity to influence and bring in new forces that can affect the potent changes we want to see.  Knowing these energies as they are physically affecting the earth can help us to use these energies esoterically and metaphysically in our own lives.  

Focus on what you want for your life in the coming month as well as a few months out as this energy will have a trickle-down effect in time.  The good news about this is if you are struggling with coming to terms with any truths recently discovered, the changes made will take some time to come to your reality and allow you time to adjust and integrate new beliefs and realizations that will open the doors for what you truly want in life.   For America, the initial effects of the New Super moon and the residual effects of the Black Moon can dynamically be harnessed for your purpose now that you know the energies involved.   Wishing you all happy manifesting and continued awareness! 

What??? There are good things about Mercury retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde has gotten a bad rap lately.   The truth, however, is that there are good things that come out of Mercury retrograde if you know how slow your vibration and go with the flow while paying attention to the fine details of all that is around you.   During the week before the start of this mercury retrograde (July 7th), I could feel the slowing down of energies.   When I went into the office I could feel I was out of sync, I felt like my energy was faster than the world around me as if I was tripping over my toes, almost like trying to go faster than the treadmill I was on.  Once I noticed this, I realized we were heading into a retrograde.  Having been aware of the retrogrades of the last few years, I know the downside of a retrograde pretty well. 

The need to pay attention to fine details, communication issues with people as well as anything to deal with electronics, phone messages, emails, etc.   However, as with anything in life, there is a yin to the yang, a polar opposite that shows its attributes and can have its benefits.   During Mercury retrograde, it is a good time to find lost things.   I lost my engagement ring, and I guess it is time to get my pendulum or dowsing rods out.  It is also a time for finishing old projects.   I find this a big help during mercury retrograde as I have more focus on these unfinished projects and get them off of my “to-do list.”  Finishing old projects also help when the energies start going forward again so that these projects do not hold you back in the forward-moving energy of mercury once it goes direct.  It is also a good time to rest and let your body repair.

If you have been planning a vacation before mercury retrograde, but are scheduling your trip during the time the planet appears to be going backward, make sure it is a resting one or one that takes you back to your roots.   Mercury retrograde is also good for reconnecting with old friends and family you have not seen in a while.  In business, it is also good for connecting with previous clients or coworkers.   When you are with x or current coworkers or friend’s problem solving and brainstorming on projects or problems can be very effective.  It will wonder, “why didn’t I think of these things before?”   In the energy of Mercury retrograde, it allows for these solutions and ideas to flow more easily when dealing with previous situations or projects. 

Mercury retrograde is also a time where the truth comes out.  If you are wondering about someone’s intention and if there are issues with integrity or honesty in a relationship of any type, this is the time where it will come to light easily.  Like the truth, mistakes may also be brought to light during this time, which can keep you on your toes but also allows you the right time to find the solutions for these mistakes.  As you can see thought the downside of Mercury retrograde is well known you can now see it does have its positive side as well.   Take the chance to slow down and take advantage of this time, and you will see that when Mercury goes direct your life will feel like it is taking off.