​Today's Aquarius Full moon, what does it ask from us?

Today’s Aquarius Full moon, what does it ask from us? I can see much in my life that is in line with this full moon. The practice of allowing and letting go has definitely been in play since the New Moon a couple weeks ago. Aquarius full moon also has been bringing on quite a bit of contemplation, thinking, assessing and coming to terms with my current role in life. Old emotions surfacing that no longer serving are recognized, understood and released to take on more fully the path in which I am currently on. Thinking of what I really want in life is also a part of this as well as reframing what I call success vs taking on what others may think success is. Aquarius is also known to bring things to light, truths to be known. There is a lot of this going on right now in the political arena and thank the universe for it!! The fact that these things have been happening under our noses all this time but now are being confirmed and brought to the surface mean that it is a time for us to take care of these issues. It is also a showing of our world coming into a higher vibration. Those things of importance that are not honest and true can not remain hidden for very long in today's world. And instead of focusing on the bad, "OMG, I can not believe....... da da da... " Give the thanks for the realizations of the facts coming to light so that they can be also assessed, understood and released so that healing can take place. Celebrate that our world is being cleansed of what no longer serves it and going through its own purging. Blessed Be!