Spirit of the Goose

As I sit here and write about the emotional toll of a sequence of loss, trauma, and trials I hear a goose make itself known to me in the early hours.  The geese are coming back!   Animals will often make themselves known to me.  I have learned there is meaning in this.  So, I ask myself, what is the spiritual symbolism of the goose?   Well, here is what I have found in my research. 

Goose is a reminder in trusting intuition and encourages us to remember where we came from.  This time of year, Geese are flying south for the winter and making their winter journeys.   For me this symbolizes a journey, and with all journeys there are times for pressing forward and times for resting.  In the flock of geese, one will notice that the whole flock adjusts to the slower members and support each other as a family group.  I, too am noticing this happening in our lives.  Both on the receiving and giving ends.  In the group geese express loyalty and devotion.  When on a journey the geese are very in tune with their path and how to navigate it, where to land and take a rest, where to find food, and where it is needed to travel to get some distance.  This concept is also reflected in my life as I feel I can foresee the energies currently going on and can better navigate the next few months to plan for downtime needed as well as those times to forge ahead to have a good Holiday season.  Since on their journey, they fly high for many miles at a time they can see the big picture, which gives the goose great insight for that portion of their journey. In this way the goose symbols spiritual enlightenment. It is a knowing from a higher realm that opens up opportunity in all areas of life and offering a broader view to see the bigger picture which helps seeing things from more than one point of view.  It is easier to see the wondrous aspects of our lives when seeing it, from the goose’s point of view.  Fuller truth is realized from viewing the world from the aspects of the world not only for seeing many points of view but also being more open to seeing the beauty in things as well as those things that need work. 

Having just been married last month, I was not surprised to see that goose mate for life and have a focused devotion to their mates.   But I was also found that goose can also have a tendency to narrow their focus on the journey itself and not taking time to enjoy things along the way.  Which seeing this from a broader view of the goose on its journey reminds me that I need to allow and make times for fun and enjoy what life has to offer. 

Thank you goose, for showing yourself to me this morning!