August 30th, New Black Super Moon and How to Use These Energies For Yourself.

New moons are great for focusing on new projects, getting a jump start on a new campaign, starting a new endeavor, or even renewed efforts towards a project already in place.  However, this New Black Super Moon has specific energies in play.   There is a dance in the timing of when the moon will be at its closest and then be a full New Moon.  They do not happen all at once.  It is as if the moon is in a choreographed waltz that will affect physical and metaphysical changes on earth, for a time and influence the future.  The Black Moon will highly affect those countries experiencing this as the second new moon in the calendar month.   

For this Black Moon, it will not be affecting directly those in America but will be felt significantly for the other side of the world, namely Africa, Europe, and Asia, where they had their first New moon of August,1st, but America’s previous New Moon was July 31st.  Technically these Black Moon energies then are not focused on America.  However, as we all know what happens across the sea eventually does affect us in the long run.  The energy of the Black Moon along with it bringing its Super Moon energies into play it is still good for us to remember and focus on the things we want to affect over on the other side of the world.  Knowing how America has been a headline hog lately, we will need to keep our eyes open to what comes to the surface across the sea, which will shed light and give a deeper understanding to all we have experienced and seen so far. 

The New Black Super moon affecting the world physically with higher and lower tides and even making one river flow backward for a time is symbolic of the energies that are at play.  It is as if the physical churning of the tides shakes up and bring to the surface those things that were under the surface for so long.  The Severn River in the U.K. (as well as a couple of smaller rivers) are known to flow backward due to these times when the moon affects earth gravitational forces.  Metaphysically this creates an opportunity to influence and bring in new forces that can affect the potent changes we want to see.  Knowing these energies as they are physically affecting the earth can help us to use these energies esoterically and metaphysically in our own lives.  

Focus on what you want for your life in the coming month as well as a few months out as this energy will have a trickle-down effect in time.  The good news about this is if you are struggling with coming to terms with any truths recently discovered, the changes made will take some time to come to your reality and allow you time to adjust and integrate new beliefs and realizations that will open the doors for what you truly want in life.   For America, the initial effects of the New Super moon and the residual effects of the Black Moon can dynamically be harnessed for your purpose now that you know the energies involved.   Wishing you all happy manifesting and continued awareness! 

How to clear emotional issues, get down to how to stay in the now and start living life. 

Often keeping busy is in truth, running from something we are not wanting to deal with or replacing what we really want with a busy feeling so it makes us feel important when we feel a lack of worth so that we get a false sense of worth through being busy.  Sit in the feeling that makes one uncomfortable will allow one to, when asked the proper questions, delve deep into the truth of what we are avoiding, what is feared or being neglected.  When the truth hits a nerve and feels unpleasant we then grab on to something to divert our attention too.  But when we deal with what false believe we are running from or shoving under the rug and frame the truth of where that false believe came from, then we can heal in the truth. 

For instance, I was stressing and dealing with issues of the possibility of major stresses eventually coming into my life.  I had been dealing with feeling overwhelmed due to previous trauma and loss that now anything that created that feeling even slightly automatically made me fear that feeling again.  I knew that with my new business that eventually one day it would take off and I feared the repercussions of what that meant in feeling overwhelmed on being able to handle the work load.  I sat with that feeling and knew instantly where it came from.  I had been overwhelmed in the passed and did not feel I received the help I needed from friends.  Instead receiving more stress from them and expectations that I felt were wrongly expected at that time in my life.  I had to put my foot down and lost friends because I could not accommodate them while I was still in my time of need.  I was still holding grudges for this and the hurt I felt due to it as well.  I felt they thought I was unworthy of having the time and understanding I needed.  I felt afraid of the possible future success that could come into my life and having the same feeling dominate me again.  I dug deeper and saw other instances where I was taking on other expectations during other times in my life.  I figured out that I felt I did not deserve the time I needed to heal.  In contradiction I knew I did deserve this time for myself.. and it felt much better thinking these new realizations.  I do deserve time to rest.  I do deserve to be able to have the time to take care of myself.  I do deserve understanding.  I do deserve success when it comes to me.  And I can set boundaries in place so that it does not become overwhelming.  I am worthy of success.  I am worthy of being loved and cherished just for who I am.  My worth does not come from what I contribute.  It comes from who I am. 

This resonated with my soul and brought me back to a center of myself I had missed for quite some time. 

In book written by Rosenthal, Uncharted Journey, he discusses his own escapism from self and how he came to realize that dealing with the deep issues were much more rewarding once the work was done. 

“Nature signals my alignment or nonalignment with Truth by how I feel.  Since the belief system upon which I have based most of my life until now has brought me much suffering.  I might want to consider the possibility that my thinking is giving rise to my suffering bringing pain because they are false.  Discomfort may be present in order that I may locate, challenge and release toxic beliefs that create fear.”

​Today's Aquarius Full moon, what does it ask from us?

Today’s Aquarius Full moon, what does it ask from us? I can see much in my life that is in line with this full moon. The practice of allowing and letting go has definitely been in play since the New Moon a couple weeks ago. Aquarius full moon also has been bringing on quite a bit of contemplation, thinking, assessing and coming to terms with my current role in life. Old emotions surfacing that no longer serving are recognized, understood and released to take on more fully the path in which I am currently on. Thinking of what I really want in life is also a part of this as well as reframing what I call success vs taking on what others may think success is. Aquarius is also known to bring things to light, truths to be known. There is a lot of this going on right now in the political arena and thank the universe for it!! The fact that these things have been happening under our noses all this time but now are being confirmed and brought to the surface mean that it is a time for us to take care of these issues. It is also a showing of our world coming into a higher vibration. Those things of importance that are not honest and true can not remain hidden for very long in today's world. And instead of focusing on the bad, "OMG, I can not believe....... da da da... " Give the thanks for the realizations of the facts coming to light so that they can be also assessed, understood and released so that healing can take place. Celebrate that our world is being cleansed of what no longer serves it and going through its own purging. Blessed Be!

Creating Space and Time for Allowing - along the Grief Journey

Four short yet at times it seemed so long ago, my son passed due to a motorcycle accident.  It has been a rough road and marked at that time a domino of subsequent losses that came after that I am still dealing with the emotional fallout.   I have learned however in these last four years that emotions and feelings can not be denied, swept under the rug or shoved down without painful repercussions that manifest with more emotional and mental turmoil or physical health problems.  This year, I am trying a new approach to giving space to the emotions I am still dealing with and knowing at certain times of the year, such as August 1st, the date of Jacob’s accident, where I make time to place myself in a healing situation.  This year I went to a cabin in the mountains to getaway.  A place of solitude that allowed self-nurturing, space for the emotions to be express and receive small pieces of myself, transformed to peace.   This is what was needed for me to continue my grief journey and move forward to healing. 

Making Space and Time for Allowing is very important. I am learning to realize for experiencing healing a little bit at a time: one day, and at times, one moment at a time.   I picked a spot that I knew my soul felt could just lay down and rest.   I picked a spot where life is reduced to what is important, minimalized to the essentials, where I could wake up when I wanted and go to bed when I wanted.   I picked a place close and within nature.  Nature is an awesome purifier.  The trees and plants in nature purify the air for us.  The ground, rocks, roots, and dirt purify the water for us.  I knew I wanted this element in my “Healing Space.”  I allowed room to do what I felt like doing, instead of thinking about what I should do.  If I didn’t feel like reading and just wanted to nap, I napped.  When I was hungry, I cooked or went into town to eat.  Now on this little trip to the mountains, due to having custody of my five-year-old granddaughter, she did come with me, but she is for a five-year-old very easy to deal with; however even five-year-old’s have their wants and needs.  We did end up going to the Butterfly Daze where they had a butterfly exhibit and crafts for her to participate in as well as a releasing of the butterflies. 

Even this part of my trip was healing on a spiritual and emotional level.  Each butterfly to be released as a component of transformation and transfiguration.  A part of the process of life.  Allowing space for the unexpected and change was also a part of my time away.  When each of the butterflies was released, it was with the hope of new life to be spread and renewed, much like the emotions, I let go at the cabin.  They may not have seemed big or as overbearing as they were last year, but the emotions that remained still needed the space and time created to be realized and released.  Continuing to allow for these times and the space needed for healing is all part of the being a part of the necessary changes of our inner self.  There is no time limit on when one should stop allowing space and time for these things. 

We also went a few natures walks where we found evidence of allowing change through the presentation of the crow.  We often heard the caw of the many crows along the way as well as finding feather gifts from spirit crow.  The crow signifies change, a dying of the old self and as equally important, the birthing of the new self.  Allowing for spirit messages in this case also gave me a message in allowing change.  The crow is also a messenger and in allowing self to receive these messages a deeper transformation to authentic self is also realized.  Crow also brings messages from our passed loved ones and is confirmation that life is eternal.  That life does not in its truest form die. Life only is transformed.  Much like what Einstein says about energy, but what we also realize is that life is energy, and it is in allowing that energy to flow that we can find peace. 


What??? There are good things about Mercury retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde has gotten a bad rap lately.   The truth, however, is that there are good things that come out of Mercury retrograde if you know how slow your vibration and go with the flow while paying attention to the fine details of all that is around you.   During the week before the start of this mercury retrograde (July 7th), I could feel the slowing down of energies.   When I went into the office I could feel I was out of sync, I felt like my energy was faster than the world around me as if I was tripping over my toes, almost like trying to go faster than the treadmill I was on.  Once I noticed this, I realized we were heading into a retrograde.  Having been aware of the retrogrades of the last few years, I know the downside of a retrograde pretty well. 

The need to pay attention to fine details, communication issues with people as well as anything to deal with electronics, phone messages, emails, etc.   However, as with anything in life, there is a yin to the yang, a polar opposite that shows its attributes and can have its benefits.   During Mercury retrograde, it is a good time to find lost things.   I lost my engagement ring, and I guess it is time to get my pendulum or dowsing rods out.  It is also a time for finishing old projects.   I find this a big help during mercury retrograde as I have more focus on these unfinished projects and get them off of my “to-do list.”  Finishing old projects also help when the energies start going forward again so that these projects do not hold you back in the forward-moving energy of mercury once it goes direct.  It is also a good time to rest and let your body repair.

If you have been planning a vacation before mercury retrograde, but are scheduling your trip during the time the planet appears to be going backward, make sure it is a resting one or one that takes you back to your roots.   Mercury retrograde is also good for reconnecting with old friends and family you have not seen in a while.  In business, it is also good for connecting with previous clients or coworkers.   When you are with x or current coworkers or friend’s problem solving and brainstorming on projects or problems can be very effective.  It will wonder, “why didn’t I think of these things before?”   In the energy of Mercury retrograde, it allows for these solutions and ideas to flow more easily when dealing with previous situations or projects. 

Mercury retrograde is also a time where the truth comes out.  If you are wondering about someone’s intention and if there are issues with integrity or honesty in a relationship of any type, this is the time where it will come to light easily.  Like the truth, mistakes may also be brought to light during this time, which can keep you on your toes but also allows you the right time to find the solutions for these mistakes.  As you can see thought the downside of Mercury retrograde is well known you can now see it does have its positive side as well.   Take the chance to slow down and take advantage of this time, and you will see that when Mercury goes direct your life will feel like it is taking off. 

Is Authentic Happiness Possible?

Happiness is subjective.  What may be an ideal of achieving satisfaction for one person could easily be hell for another.  Happiness is not an easy recipe that can just be given out in cookie-cutter fashion, packaged and sold. For some happiness is equal to contentment, for others, it is more identified as bliss and passion.  There are many things to consider and assess to find out what makes up a person's specific formula that is in congruence with offering a happy life.  Many do not know what true happiness is.  While some people know where to find it everywhere they go, others are never satisfied, being happy is a temporary event at best and often elusive.  What factors make the difference between these two types of people?  There is one word that can describe the missing element in those who struggle to find true happiness.  This word is 'Relationship.'

 Relationship? The first type of relationship one needs to grow is the bond with themselves.  Knowing who we are, the values and beliefs we hold, give us a framework as a structure to place our attitudes, ethics, character traits, and codes of conduct that we adopt for ourselves.  Awareness of our attributes, positive qualities, negative qualities, and accepting them as our truth provides a foundation of building a relationship with self.  There are three versions of self in everyone.  The real self is the self, we are when no one is around, and when we are not influenced by anyone else.  The ideal self is who we feel we should be.  While our self-image is the self we portray to others and how we want others to see us. It is when these three are aligned that one can be more authentic and can find their version of happiness. (See illustration) The struggle of disconnection and the cognitive dissonance that occurs when these are not in alignment is what creates conflict resulting in not being content and unable to find happiness.  In a recent study on life satisfaction, it states, "There were… significant correlations between dimensions of authenticity and life satisfaction. "Moreover, subjective happiness has a positive relationship with life satisfaction.” (Sarıçam, Hakan) Going through a process of discovery to learn our true selves will pave a road to gaining the congruence with the three parts of ourselves.  There is often emotional and mental work to be done to reassess our beliefs and values to bring our different parts of ourselves into order.  Doing this work opens the doors to realizing what produces a fulfilling and rewarding life for that individual.  When learning about ourselves, we also learn our place in the universe and may identify with a source of power.

          Whether believing in a higher power or a divine power, building a relationship with our source creative spirit is essential.  It does not matter what this is called.  It can be named 'God,' Allah, Universe, Divine Creator, or any title, regardless of how we connect to our source.  Connecting with source helps us to tap into "creative energy that creates worlds"(Abraham Hicks) For those who lean toward an atheistic point of view, they tend to call their source their higher self or may not consider this area at all.  For those that resonate with a higher divine power, they will find that building this relationship, as with any relationship, requires time and a certain amount of effort. It does not have to take much time; however, merely focused and deliberate time.  When we grow our connection with our source energy, we can tap into this to help with many things beyond manifesting material things in life.  We can connect by spending time in introspection, prayer, meditation, or even yoga. Many who meditate do so to gain peace.  Meditating is an avenue of connecting with source which is much like praying.  We place a focused intent when we do any of these practices, which is commonly initiated with something wanted or questioned and hopefully results in answers and clarity received, effectively building trust within the relationship between self and source.

          The third type of relationship that is necessary to have a balanced and fulfilling life is relationships with others.  Robert Waldinger, the fourth director of a long-term Harvard study of adult development, says that "The clearest message that we get from this 75-year study is this: Good relationships keep us happier and healthier. Period." (Robert Waldinger) It is essential that we have a connection with others.  When relationships are built which are mutually benefited, with supporting ideas and values, then an individual can feel supported and understood while contributing to others in the same fashion.  Equality in giving and receiving in a relationship is not easy to develop, but with goals and specific boundaries, one can manage their relationships to provide them with a sense of equitable exchange.  Waldinger states that "social connections are really good for us" and "loneliness kills."  He also claims the study he has been directing shows that those who have created a connection with a network of family members, friends and those within the community are overall happier, live longer lives due to being physically healthier than those who do not develop these types of fundamental ties.  While it is important to have connections, it is not the number of those we connect with that is essential, but the quality of the closest relationships we have. When living life with meaningful relationships that reward us with feeling protected, supported, safe, and loved, it is easier to weather bad times and traumas that occur during a lifetime.

 It is not those who have not been through hard times that are the happiest. However, it is those who have "survived great illnesses or other major life challenges and have become conscious of choices they make about their finite lives.” (Sarah Van Gelder)  One does not need to live the perfect childhood to find happiness in life.  Many have grown up in wealthier conditions and more comfortable lifestyles, but later in life, find themselves in poverty and dealing with loss and addictions.  In the same aspect, the reverse is also true for those who were raised in lesser conditions and struggling can build themselves and grow to accomplish great things.  It is primarily a person’s mindset that determines the possibility of honest happiness.  Gaining congruence with the real, ideal, and self-image, aids to facilitate a frame of mind to construct relationships with others, as well as with our source creating full, dynamic, and rewarding lives.  It is the deeper stuff of meaning that adds to our happiness.  Food, fast cars, and all the possessions in the world will do no good if we ignore our authentic selves, however, a sense of purpose, contributing and having rewarding relationships are priceless.












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How to Deal With People that Rub Us the Wrong Way

Dealing with those who seem to know just how to push our buttons the wrong way can seem like an overwhelming struggle.  Hairs on the back of one’s neck raise at the thought of the persons voice, knowing they are going to have to deal with the abrasive energy transfer from the offensive person leaving a feeling of dread.  The negative association with this person often occupies and makes an unwanted home in our head.  Obsessively worrying about having to deal with things said, actions taken or even just having this person around often creates so much anxiety it is hard to focus on positive things.  Why are people ‘like this’ in our life and how can w eliminate it?

These are important questions to ask and is clear that the relationship needs to be looked at objectively.    The answer can be as simple or complex as you make it.  When these people are in our lives they are serving to be an antagonist for a lesson that we are needing to take seriously.  One of the main lessons learned in a situation like this is learning how to create boundaries: Physical boundaries, Mental boundaries as well as Emotional boundaries.   How do we create boundaries so that these antagonists do not dominate our lives?  By asking ourselves more questions about the relationship that ruffles our feathers. 

1.       Why is this person affecting me so?  What is it about them that gets my feathers ruffled?  Look with honest eyes and make a list of the way this person makes you feel the way you feel. Write down what you perceive and feel physically, mentally and emotionally.  Own your feelings.  These are your feelings.  You are responsible for your feelings.  There is no riwrong way to feel.

2.       Who is this person?  Why are they the way they are?  Get to know the person more to see if you can sense why this person is the way that they are.  Getting an understanding for their background, their thought process and their situation will help getting a broader picture of how life is in their shoes.   This information can also help give insight on how to effectively communicate or set boundaries.  Knowing where they are coming from and what they value can also help in creating a bridge of understanding.

3.       What is the lesson this situation is trying to teach me?  ******  Be objective and try to remove yourself from the situation to see it from a different angle. Many times, these situations are in our lives to provide a lesson.  If we treat it as an opportunity to grow, we will be more effective in dealing with the relationship.                              

a.       They could be in your life to teach you to speak up for yourself and be your own hero. 

b.       As already stated difficult relationships often teach us boundaries. 

c.       Abrasive people can also teach us that we need to learn to deal with conflict constructively instead of using avoidance techniques or reverting to passive aggressive behaviors. 

d.        It may be possible that we need to learn to say NO to people.  Being a “people pleaser” or a martyr does not accomplish what we think it does.  Many of us feel we need to make people happy.  Often through making people feel happy – it only serves as a crutch to gain self-worth from others approval instead of growing our own self-worth. 

4.       How am I benefiting from allowing this person to continue to affect me the way they do?  What am I gaining by having this person in my life? 

a.       Many times, there is a benefit even when we allow these types of behaviors or do not standup for ourselves.  If we identify as a victim, it can give us benefits of someone else’s pity or sympathy. 

b.       Being part of a community equally affected as to have a sense of family or belonging. 

c.       It can also distance one from responsibility to fix or change the situation if it is “not your fault”.    

d.       It may be too comfortable to put up with the situation than risk change or the fear of something worse. 

5.       Where do the scales tip?  Which side do you lean towards more?  Changing your situation or dealing with it as it is? 

Once these questions are answered then you can have a direction to deal with these types of people in your life if you so choose.   Ultimately if you want things to change then it is you, that must do the work.  We can not expect someone to change themselves to meet our needs, but we can learn and grow to know how to respond and to set those needed boundaries.  We have a right to make rules in how we deserve to be treated.  We also need to know what to absorb and what to let roll of the skin.  We can also learn to provide a psychic space for the perfect solution.  Intent as with anything we do goes a long way.  If you are struggling with someone or several people in your life and you are wanting to make a change contact me for a consultation and I can take you through a process in answering these questions to making those changes in your life that give you the type of relationships, you are looking for. 

It is Never “Goodbye” but Always “See you later”

When we are young we learn quickly that ‘Goodbyes’ hurt. My granddaughter gets upset when expected to say goodbye, but when saying, “See you later” it has a lighter emotional toll.  It is not as final or definitive. Life experiences have taught me that it is never “Goodbye” but it is always, “See you later!”

I was snug in my bed nearly asleep and had no clue to the events that would unfold when there was a loud knock on my front door. My neighbor told me that my son’s girlfriend was trying to call me. I was informed that my son Jacob was airlifted to Inland Valley Regional and in surgery, but they would not give his girlfriend any information because they needed next of kin. I struggled with wanting to explode with fear while trying to remain calm and think positively. I do not remember how I got from the house to the freeway, but as I started going faster I heard a voice saying, “I am so sorry Mom. I am so sorry.” Repeatedly I heard him, and tears threatened to run down my face. Then I heard “Slow down Mom. Slow down!”  I started talking to Jake while I was driving and trying not to speed down the 215-freeway saying, “I love you no matter what!” This went on repeatedly until I parked in front of the emergency entrance.  

The heavy double doors slid open. Jake’s girlfriend looked relieved to see me, gave me a hug and showed me to the reception desk telling the receptionist, “This is Jacob Holman’s Mother.” I showed my ID and listened intently. “Jacob is in surgery due to multiple fractures and unknown head trauma.”, the receptionist began. I asked questions, but she had very little information and told us to have a seat until we were notified that Jake had come out of surgery. When the doors finally opened on the other side of the waiting room a doctor in a white coat asked, “Family of Jacob Holman?” We all rushed to the door. “Jacob is being brought out of surgery to ICU. He has been through several hours of surgery to fix fractures to his arms and legs,” he spoke in an accent. Due to his tone I could sense the gravity of Jacobs condition. “He has some head trauma, but we will not know how bad till he starts coming out of anesthesia and more tests are ran,” he continued. I asked several questions, but the answers were a blur. I just wanted to see my son!   “We have to clean him up before you can see him. I will take you to the ICU waiting room and you will be more comfortable there until you are called,” he said as if reading my mind. We were finally able to see Jacob and he was hooked up to every machine one could imagine, but throughout the day as his anesthesia wore off... there was no response.

Later that evening when the doctor’s diagnosis was that Jacob was brain dead I knew I needed to do everything in my power to make sure every test possible was administered. Friends and family took turns visiting and in-between I studied about tests and talked to doctors. When it was my turn again to spend time with Jacob in the cold ICU room I held his hand as I felt his soul’s presence to my right and heard his voice once again, “Mom… I do not want to live like this.” I understood but while choking back tears I said, “I know son, but I need to make sure.” The next morning the last test came back negative for brain stem activity. Jake told me just months before he was a donor and was proud of the pink dot on his newly received license. While we were waiting to hear about the possible lives he would save we let friends and family have time to say their goodbyes. I was in the room waiting when I saw a light flash from the doorway area and hovered over his bed. The light started zipping around the room. It was like he was saying, “Mom, look at what I can do!” A few hours later we got the call that they were ready for him in surgery. Before going through the O.R. doors, I gave his head a soft kiss and told him “Goodbye Son, I love you… no matter what!”

Jacob saved seven lives that night but as I was walking out to the car I received a picture of clouds in a text from my oldest daughter. The clouds spelled out ‘JAKE’. Having heard Jacob’s voice in the truck as well as what I felt, heard and saw in the ICU room, the evidence of his ethereal existence in the clouds confirmed what I experienced. I knew then it wasn’t just a goodbye.  It was a “See you later.”

The Causes of Spiritual Awakening

            What makes a person become spiritually awaken?  With so many views and opinions on religion and spirituality it would be thought that there would also be many reasons for those to experience what is called an awakening.   I experienced an awakening after an emotional divorce and a greater awakening after a series of losses.   What is interesting is that there are two main categories that the cause of a spiritual awakening can be grouped into.  

            Spiritual awakenings typically happen during or shortly after, a sudden singular event or a series of traumatic events.   My divorce would be categorized as singular event.   Other single event experiences could include, having a paranormal experience or having extraterrestrial contact.  On more normal terms however typically, it can occur when losing a loved one, a break up in a relationship or even loosing a job.   This can be conceptualized similarly to the thinking of what causes innovation.  Necessity is the cause of innovation and although this phrase is common it is also true.  When our outer world changes drastically it initiates questions on the concepts and foundations of what one’s life.  There is a need to find order and make sense of the environment we live in. 

                        These events whether they be a single or an accumulation of events resulting in trauma result in a need to find the answers to the questions.  Seeking answers that construct the exterior landscape of our lives as well as the interior.   Seeking the answers is the catalyst within the event or events of trauma that create the awakening experience.   While my divorce was what I call an initial awakening, the death of my son many years later was the beginning of several losses and traumatic events in a short span of time that caused a greater awakening in my life.  The experience of the loss of my son would have been enough to spark a wake-up call, but also losing my aunt and uncle in a car accident as well as my mother within five months of my son’s passing, left a thick book of questions regarding the scope of my life that I am still trying to get answers for. 

            In this aspect the loss and the trauma can have a purpose.  The purpose to prompt an awakening.  Through the upheaval, the scattered promises and dreams that initiate the changes needed for a soul’s revival to their divine aspiration.  Necessary change does not come while being in a comfort zone.  A relationship with a loved one dies with the break up, divorce or loss, but it triggers the need to seek a relationship with self, God, Goddess, Creator, and/or the Divine.  Regardless of what one calls their source these single or accumulative events are the cause of many people who experience an awaking. 

Feel free to comment with your thoughts.