Lisle offers services in Life Coaching, Energy Healing and Psychic Medium readings. She has been an experienced business owner in communications and real estate industries as well as having worked with banking institutions. Lisle also co-founded a nonprofit that offered educational activities and resources to parents. In all areas of her life she has utilized her intuitive abilities.

Specializing in Life Transformation Coaching to those who are trying to recreate a life they want after an emotional upheaval, such as divorce, trauma or loss. Having done so herself after a divorce and a chain of losses. She has learned that even after life traumas it is possible to rebuild an authentic life worth living.

Lisle is also an Energy Healer, certified Reiki Master, she performs in person and distant healings. A believer in self healing as a primary mode of health, Lisle is well versed in several modalities that access the mind and body connection. Healings are followed with a report of what is assessed through out the healing. Click here to book a Healing

Using her intuition she also offers Psychic Medium Readings. Having had experiences from a very young age her path became clear after experiencing the very real knowledge of her son talking to her after he was involved in accident and in coma and pronounced brain dead. Lisle knows how much knowing that we do not really die but live on in the ether and that the soul lives, she desires to give comfort and understanding to those who have too lost loved ones and needing answers. Click here to book a Reading

Lisle also performs what is called ‘a Soul Meeting’. Soul meetings are good for communicating with another soul when one is not able to talk to someone in person whether having a physical distance or emotional distance to repair or gain understanding pertaining to a relationship. Soul Meetings are also useful for those who are struggling to pass on or having issues with guilt or shame making it harder to transition. A soul session may be needed to communicate to the soul of the individual about the true nature of God and that there is only unconditional love from the creators view point, making it easier and more peaceful for the person to transition. Soul sessions are always done with the highest and best intent, and assisted by angels and guides for the souls involved. Click here to book a Soul Meeting

Certificates, Accreditation and Training

Life Coaching Certificate from Academy of Achology, NLP Master Practitioner Certified through Priority Consulting, Twice Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, additional training and certification through Victoria Vives, Level 2 Ataana Energy Healer, Certified Hypnotherapist from Sigil Foundation, Minister through Universal Live Church, Psychic Mediumship Training and Instruction through Marisa Ryan, Melanie Rimkus and Kelly McClure. Even with all the course work listed Lisle still believes in being a student and hosts a Psychic Intuitive Development group as well as continuing her education in the goal to attain a Masters in Psychology. Including classes in cognitive behavior therapy, and grief counseling.

Lisle can also be contacted for speaking or workshop events.